On to the End!

by | Jan 24, 2013

We’re almost done!

Just one more week, two more verses, and one more section!!

If you’re just joining us then you can check out our first post about the Challenge, and the introduction to our second section.

We’re now into our next section:

 Section III: How We Can Invest.

We have two verses for this section, James 1:27 and Romans 12:13. Not too many, but what excites me about this section, is that we’ll be hearing from some of you, your thoughts, insights, and practical examples of how we can invest in God’s Kingdom!

Nut ShellSo, before we get into this last section, we wanted to take a minute to give you the complete list of verses that need to be memorized and which sections they’re under.

Here is our Challenge in a Nutshell complete with all the verses in each section:


I. Why We Should Invest
Timothy 6:18-19
Proverbs 11:25
Hosea 10:12a
Matthew 6:19-20
Acts 20:35
II Corinthians 9:6-7
Matthew 13:44

II. What We Can Invest
Prayer and Scripture:
Psalm 95:6,
Psalm 5:3
Psalm 4:4
I Timothy 2:1-2
Hebrews 13:16
Titus 3:14
Titus 3:8a
Psalm 37:3
Psalm 145:6b
Psalm 22:22
Psalm 19:14

Matthew 6:3-4
Matthew 19:21

III. How We Can Invest
Romans 12:13
James 1:27

Just a quick re-cap on the rules: Anyone who quotes all the verses listed above to their parents, and has their parents, (or a responsible party), contact us, will receive a prize!   Parents have till February 2nd to email us at [email protected]. Please be sure to email us your mailing address along with the names of each person who has completed the Challenge.
Blue Ribbon(Due to the fact that our office phone may not be manned, email would be the best way to let us know that the challenge has been completed.)

Your prize isn’t anything spectacular, but it deals with the topic that we’re on, and we believe it’s a good investment. 🙂  Your prize may not be sent out till later in February, but you should receive it by the end of that month.

Well, on we go!


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