To Sow or Not to Sow…. Part 2

by | Jan 6, 2013

Yesterday we ended with: “God has blessed us all in so many ways, He asks us to give back to Him. But why? It’s not like God needs our money; He doesn’t. So why ask us to give?”

Here’s the rest: (Click here if you want to read Part I)

One reason is that it keeps us close to Him. When you give to someone, you think about that person. It’s not even intentional, it’s just natural. Try giving a heart-felt gift to someone and then turn around and forget about that person. GivingYou can’t. You have invested something, and that stays with you. That’s what God wants, He wants us to keep giving from the heart because that helps bring us face to face with our loving Father-God. Where your heart is, is where you live. Does your heart live with Christ in heaven, living in the Kingdom? Or is it bogged down in the false ideals and pursuits of this passing world and Self?
As we invest in our Father’s kingdom, as we “sow” our assets (Time, money, resources, talents etc.) we will reap according to God’s kindness to us, His mercy will be showered on us.
Investing in the Kingdom doesn’t mean that God loves us more for doing it, what it does mean is that we want to show God how much we love Him by obeying what He asks of us. (If you love me, keep my commandments.) Giving back to Him is one way we can do that.

And everyone has something to give. don’t think that just because you aren’t making money that you can’t give to God. Money isn’t the only thing to give. Your most important asset by far is Time. How do you treat your time? Like you’ve got plenty to spare and flippantly spend it? Or do you wisely invest it in things that will last for many years and more importantly, eternity; such as people and ministry? Investing TimeDo you use your talents to amaze people and bring credit to yourself, or do you use them to bless others and bring glory to God?
It’s all about perspective. A farmer casting away all of his grain looks like a complete fool to those who don’t understand the law of the harvest. People might tease you for giving of yourself to God’s work in some way. Let them laugh. You’re not the fool, you’re the one who’s wisely investing in things that will last.
Remember, the clock is ticking, every second you spend holding onto your possessions is time lost, and brings them that much closer to destruction and worthlessness. Does that mean we need to sell all our possessions and move to Africa? No. Does that mean we need to invest in the lives of those around us and follow God’s leading? Yes.
There will come a time when everything we have will no longer be of any value to us, so why wait until that happens? Start making it all count before it becomes worthless! Invest what you have into the work of the Lord. I promise you that when we get to heaven, and see our Savior face to face, we will wish with everything in us that we had given more to Him while we were here on earth. Let’s change that. Let’s do more. Let’s live more. Freely we have received, freely Give. The time is Now.

~ Sam O.


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