I Am a Child of God

by | Aug 8, 2013

I grew up with my mom and step-dad and I didn’t know my real dad.  My mom and step-dad were drug addicts. They both smoked and drank. They were constantly telling me that I was worthless and a burden.

When I was 14, my mom passed away. I questioned God. “Why did you let this happen?” My friend and her family from my church became my guardians. They tried to help me understand why God did this in my life. I knew I shouldn’t be bitter and that God did this for a reason, but I just didn’t know what that reason was yet.

Recently I felt the desire to help others that have shared similar hurts. The opportunity arose for me to come to the Journey. At first I was a little hesitant, but the minute I came to headquarters and met people that genuinely loved the Lord, I could feel God working.

On the Journey, I learned I am a child of God. Even though He took away my earthly parents, He is my heavenly Father and He loves me more than anyone can! I learned how to forgive and love and that we are all special.

The Journey was a humbling experience. You will always face trials in life.  But God has a purpose. The Journey helped me experience God in ways I never thought possible. If you go to the Journey with a good attitude and an open heart, God can do impossible things through you!



  1. Amy

    Wow Kenleigh, that is so awesome! I’m so glad that God has been working in your life! Keep striving to please Him there’s nothing better!!
    In Christ,

  2. Charity M.

    Kinleigh, you have an awesome testimony! The peace and joy you demonstrate is an incredible inspiration to me. The Lord has plans for your life that are above and beyond anything you could think or imagine, and he is already using you in an amazing way! Keep it up!
    Isaiah 43:2-4
    Isaiah 49:15-16, Psalm 27:10

  3. Moriah

    Kenleigh, thank you so much for sharing this. You have been such a good example of what forgiveness truly looks likes. I love you so much girl!

  4. Courtney B.

    Wow! It was good to hear your testimony again! It is such an encouragement! Stay strong and of good courage! (Josh. 1:8-9).


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