2014 Taiwan Children’s Institute Teacher Trip

(A Letter from our International Department, with a few free comments thrown in.)

Dear Journey Alumni,

Have you thought about traveling to a different country and ministering, but you’re not sure where to start?  We have an amazing opportunity for you to serve as a Children’s Institute (C.I.) Teacher in Taiwan over the 2014 Chinese New Year. ( Personal insert here: You’ve heard about things like this before….. the question is, have you ever done it? And have you seriously considered it? I know we get these updates all the time, but I’m wondering if sometimes we don’t really give them much thought. Just throwing that out there. Ok, back to the letter. )

Serving as a C.I. Teacher opens a ‘great and effectual door’ of ministry that gives you the opportunity to experience a completely different culture and language. Each week, as you interact with students eager to learn, a personal bond of love and respect is formed between you and the children as they learn of Jesus’ love through the teaching and activities.

To go even further, as a C.I. Teacher, in an international setting, God will enrich your life in many ways. Valuable teaching skills will be developed and sharpened as you serve with your fellow teachers. You’ll have the chance to form lasting friendships as you counsel with one another when confronted with problems; encourage one another when you get tired; and rejoice together at the awesome site of children responding to the Gospel.

The dates for the 2014 Taiwan C.I. Teachers Trip are:

Departure from the US: January 14, arrival on the 15. 

  • January 17-19 Taichung
  • January 21-25 Taipei
  • January 27-29 Kaohsiung
  • January 31 Chinese New Year
  • February 3-7 Hong Kong


Return to the U.S.: February 9

The 2014 Taiwan Seminar & C.I. schedule and trip costs: USD $2,500.

The trip costs include your airline ticket to and from Taiwan, all hotel lodging, food costs, and internal trip expenses.

(Sorry, another personal insert: If your first thought at seeing the cost is: “Oh well, I could NEVER do that!”  Then you’re on the wrong track, and we really need to work on how you view the Kingdom.)

Let’s give it a little perspective. You are a subject in a great land under a great King. An assignment comes up for an ambassador to travel on behalf of the kingdom, you are willing to go if the King decides to choose you. Now, whose job is it to pay for this gig? The King of course!  So instead of just brushing this opportunity off and thinking, “That’s not happening!” How about talking to God about it, and letting Him know that you are ready and willing if He decides to choose you, and then trusting that if He does choose you, He can, easy as anything, come up with the funds?!  …. Ok, back to the letter again.)

Come join an adventure in faith that will leave your heart changed for eternity!
Pray about the trip with your family. Ask the Lord’s will for you as a Taiwan C.I. Teacher. For further information about the Taiwan C.I. Teacher Trip please visit the International Global Encounters page on the IBLP website.

In Christ,
The International Department
630-323-9800 Ext. 208