Journeys in 2015!

by | May 7, 2015

In the event that you’ve not already heard about them, we are super excited to inform you of the 2015 Journey to the Heart dates! 🙂
As of 2015, there are now special discounted rates for alumni and groups. Also in 2015, there are two new locations on the schedule (in addition to Northwoods) – Oregon and Oklahoma (Eagle Springs)!

Young Men’s Journeys
Northwoods, June 6–16, 2015
Oregon, August 27–September 4, 2015
Eagle Springs, September 26–October 5, 2015 

Young Ladies’ Journeys
Northwoods, July 11–21, 2015
Oregon, August 27–September 4, 2015
Northwoods, September 5–15, 2015
Eagle Springs, November 7–16, 2015

Fathers’/Men’s Journey
Northwoods, August 8–16, 2015

Mothers’/Women’s Journey
Northwoods, September 19-27, 2015

If you are interested in more details, go ahead and give this page a visit!

God’s blessings be on each one of you as you Journey On!
~The Journey Staff

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  1. Makenzie

    I am so excited to go on my first Journey to the heart this July!!! I am so thankful for this ministry and look forward to spending time with the Lord and making new friends!


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