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“All who declare that Jesus is the Son of God have God living in them, and they live in God.” -1 John 4:15

We have talked a lot about love this far… And I’m not about to change the subject.

However, I want to take you to a scene in Revelation chapter 4 for a brief moment. John was exiled to the Island of Patmos, and there he gets a magnificent view of God.

A Glimpse into the Throne Room

Imagine that you are there too. You see Someone seated on a throne, brilliant as gemstones. A glow of an emerald circles His throne, almost like a rainbow. He is surrounded by twenty-four thrones on which are seated twenty-four elders, all clothed in white and wearing gold crowns.

As you watch, flashes of lightning come from the throne and thunderimages rumbles, almost as if the place you are in can hardly contain the One seated there. You see the glow of seven burning torches in front of the throne and before the throne is a sparkling sea of glass, clear as crystal. You are struck with wonder as you realize that four living beings are crying out to each other without ceasing, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God, the Almighty- the One who always was, who is, and who is still to come.”

The moment their voices are heard, the elders who had once been seated on their thrones cast themselves to the ground in worship to the One on the throne. They take their crowns off and place them at His feet and begin to worship and praise Him. “You are worthy,” they say, “…to receive glory and honor and power…” All you want to do is join them in worship, because whenever anyone gets a glimpse into His glory like that, that is the natural response.

THIS is the same God we are talking about in this passage.

This is the God who said a few verses ago that if you do not love, you don’t know God. This is the God who sent His Son to be the payment for our sins and calls that love. This is the God who claims to be Love itself and says that love is His greatest commandment for us.

Now we get to verse 15. This is the same God who lives in us.

Maybe up until now you’ve wondered how love is even possible… Real love means self-sacrifice. Real love dies in somebody else´s place. Real love forgets self for the sake of someone else. Real love is unconditionally patient, kind, selfless, forgiving… Even when real love is rejected, it persists and never gives up.

This is Love. And He –the same God, before whom all who see Him must bow- is Love. Not only that, but this Love, who sits on the throne, before whom no one can stand, lives IN you!

Take a minute and think about it… the God who is so far above all, who cannot be contained, abides (LIVES and KEEPS LIVING) within you! You are the temple that can barely contain Him. He is alive in all His power and glory inside of you.

Not only that, but He also says that you live in Him.

So, do you think love is impossible? Yes it is… for you! But not for the One living IN you, and IN WHOM you live!

Love is Supernatural

Maybe there are situations in your life that are extremely difficult and hands in lightthat sacrificial love doesn’t come naturally. You need to realize something. This real love really doesn’t come naturally. It comes supernaturally. Love only flows through you as the supernatural One is allowed to flow through you.

That is the same One whose power is so great that lighting and thunder come from His throne. His heavenly Temple can hardly contain Him, yet now He has come to live in you and me- much smaller dwelling places- and He is that Love He asks of you!

Let me repeat myself. He is that supernatural Love. He’s the same love that gives sacrificially of Himself. He gave of Himself to dwell within you. He gave of Himself for you to dwell in Him, too.

Love Seeks a Throne

He who sits on a heavenly throne seeks a throne in your heart and life. Will you let Him? He will be who He is through you. He will be Love that you could never be. And as you allow Him to reign in you, His glory will show and no one will be able to deny that the love they see in you is supernatural!


~Sandie Jalbert


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