Who’s Up for a Challenge?!

by | Jan 1, 2016

All right then, friends, here we are … Happy New Year! Which means …
Day 1 of the 8th Annual Journey Memorization Challenge!! ūüėĬ†

sparkler for challenge

Ok, ok, before we continue with the sparklers, allow me to sum-up what this is all about for our friends who may be new to the Challenge:

Every January, we (the Journey team) host a memorization challenge on our blog (the one you’re viewing right now)!

Traditionally, one chapter (with 31) verses is selected to memorize within the month of January. For every day of the Challenge, a blog post for each verse will be posted on our site (this way, those of us who are memorizing, have something daily to read to encourage/challenge us in the midst of our memorizing!).

Now, these posts do not mysteriously appear out of a vacuum, nor do they come from any book or pre-written commentary … they are words from ladies and gentlemen who have assisted on the leadership team for past Journeys.

The chapter that the Challenge is based around this year is I John 4!¬†However, I John 4 only has 21 verses, and with January having 31 days, we have decided to do something a bit nontraditional this year … we have selected additional verses from multiple passages to include in the Challenge. (We will be revealing those verses in a later post!)

So here’s what you can do to participate in the Challenge!

  1. Memorize the assigned chapter and verses (you can do this, following whatever system or pace suits your preference)
  2. Quote your verses to a parent/guardian (or other responsible adult), who can email us ([email protected]) and let us know that you successfully quoted it¬†by February 1st, 2016
  3. In that email, be sure that a¬†current mailing address¬†for yourself is included (we’d like to send you something once you’ve completed the Challenge :D)

This was hopefully a clear explanation, but if you have any questions, please email Sophia, [email protected] , she will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

So who’s ready to accept the 2016 Journey Challenge?!

May God bless you in your pursuit of Him!

~The Journey Team


  1. Rachel C

    Hooray! What an excellent chapter! If I have already memorized several verses from 1 John 4, am I still able to participate in the challenge?

    • sfredrickson

      Absolutely, Rachel! Please, jump on in (:

  2. Joshua Z

    I’ve actually memorized the whole chapter as a part of an IBLP Memorization Certificate. Would I still be able to join in? At least there are ten extra verses!

    • sfredrickson

      Well done, Joshua! Yes, indeed, you are very welcome to still join!


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