Take Time To Finish Memorizing Ephesians 1

by | Jan 27, 2018

Praise the Lord that His Word is living, active and powerful! As you may have noticed yesterday’s post was on the last verse of Ephesians 1! We intentionally finished a couple days early to give you time to finish memorizing Ephesians 1 and to sure up your memory on the whole chapter so that you can quote it to someone by February 1st to complete the Challenge.

We will be posting final details on how to complete the Journey Challenge on January 31st so stay tuned. In the meantime we want to encourage you to take time to really meditate on and chew on the verses you have been memorizing this month. May the Lord pour out on all of us the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him as we hide His Word in our hearts!

~Gabe Cleator


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