The Journey Challenge is on for 2020!

by | Nov 19, 2019

The weather is starting to cool down, Thanksgiving is almost here and the days are growing shorter. What does this all mean? That our 2020 Journey Challenge is just around the corner! We are so excited to announce that we are planning to have our annual Journey Challenge in January 2020. What better way could you start out 2020 then by taking a whole chapter of God’s Word and treasuring it up in your heart through memorizing and meditating on it.

What is the Journey Challenge?

The Journey Challenge is where the Journey Office picks out a passage of Scripture and everyone participating in the Challenge takes the chapter and memorizes and meditates on it together. As you memorize the verses we will be frequently posting blog posts written by previous Journey leaders about what God has shown them as they have meditated on the selected passage. At the end of the month the passage is then quoted to a parent or other adult and we send you a small token of congratulations. The real prize will be the living Word of God that you will then have treasured up in your heart!

Journey Challenge Details:

  • Who: Anyone can participate in the challenge that wants to go deeper in their relationship with the Lord through meditating on His Word.
  • What: Memorize a chapter of Scripture and meditate on it.
  • Why: To know God more intimately through meditating on His Word.
  • When: During the month of January.

The 2020 Journey Challenge is completely free. We desire that it be an encouragement to everyone that participates in it in cultivating intimacy with the Lord through memorizing and meditating on His Word. So, are you up for the challenge?

In Christ,

The Journey Staff


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