About Family Journey

The goal of Journey to the Heart is to facilitate a way for people to get away from the busyness of life and meet Christ in a way like they never have before. Our desire for those that come on the Journey is that they would experience and receive the love of God and be encouraged to pursue an intimate relationship with the God in response to His love. Normally young men or young women or moms or dads come on Journeys by themselves but we are now hosting a Journey where the whole family can come together!

By coming on the Journey together the family will hear the same truths and be encouraged to pursue the Lord as a family. Our hope is that when families go home they will continue to be able to encourage each other in the truths they have heard and in seeking the Lord. Maybe you are a young person that has gone on a Journey and you desire that your whole family would be able to hear and experience what you heard or experienced on the Journey. Maybe you are a parent that has wanted to be able to not just send your child on a Journey but also attend with your children. Whatever the case, we would love to have your family come on the Journey and be encouraged in seeking the Lord and knowing Him intimately.