How old do you have to be to attend a Journey?

We encourage young people, ages 13 – 30, to attend the Guys’ and Girls’ Journey to the Hearts. Those married and/or 25 years and older may attend the Parent/Adult Journeys.

Are there discounts/scholarships available?

There are many ways to save money when coming on a Journey. Invite your friends to come and form a group, go with a sibling for a family rate, or check to see if you’re eligible for the ATI discount. Also, you can sign up for our email newsletter to be notified about discounts that Journey alumni receive.

While the option of scholarship varies according to funding, we strongly encourage each family to come together for a time of prayer, to seek God for the right timing and divine provisions of those funds. Few things prepare a person’s heart like seeing God provide in a miraculous way for them to come!

Don’t forget to pray!

What's the dress code?

Young men wear casual, neat attire (including jeans and polos), as do the girls (skirts are one of the requirements during the girls’ time at the Journey).

What is ATI, and why do ATI members get a discount?

ATI is the Advanced Training Institute, a home-school program dedicated to teaching children through the power of God’s Word. ATI is a membership based program, and provides the main curriculum to its members, along with discounts for Journeys.