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Men on Mission, August 3rd – 6th

August 3 - August 6

There’s a battle going on and we need all able-bodied men who want to make a difference. Take the leap and join other men to explore issues like: your purpose in this fight, strategy in days of darkness, and victory in an age of defeat!


August 3 - August 6
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Single and married men from 18 to 35 years old.
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Journey Conference Center | Oak Brook, IL
Journey Conference Center 943 North Adams Road
Hinsdale, IL 60521 United States
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Have you ever heard something like, “Get up and fight! There’s a spiritual battle going on!” That can sound a little over dramatic sometimes. I mean, the world can be a crazy place, but right now the biggest battle I’ve got going on is with my boss, trying to figure out which career option to choose, which girl to marry, or how to beat my score on Halo version 728.

So can we cut the “battle-drama” please?

Well, we’d love to, but if we did, we’d be losers. The reality is, if the Bible isn’t a bunch of lies and fairy tales, then right now, whether you see and sense it or not, you are in the middle of a full-blown, all-out, strategy-packed, casualty-filled, raging WAR! So the question isn’t, “Is there really a battle?” The question is, what part are you playing in it? Because you’re in it, whether you know it, want it, like it, or not.

So what are you?
• The green soldier? Stumbling around with his helmet over his eyes trying not to get killed?
• An accidental deserter? AWOL, caught up with living a good normal life while others are out fighting?
• A determined soldier? Getting through one battle at a time, struggling through things but ready?
• A captive? Caught by the enemy, locked up and bound so you’re ineffective in the battle?
• Or a member of the A-team, experienced and battle-hardened, winning more and more as you learn the art of war?
You’re playing some part, so which part do you want to play?

God’s desire is that His men grow to the place where they are like the Special Forces: equipped, passionate, confident, and terrifying to their enemy. That’s what God wants for you. Sounds like a tall order, we know. But don’t worry, God is a really good instructor!

Who should come?

  • If you want to get more involved in the battle around you. . .
  • If you’re tired of losing to the enemy all the time and want to know how to fight off his attacks and temptations. . .
  • If you’re interested in knowing God’s purpose for your life. . .
  • If you want be a better ambassador for Jesus. . .
  • If you’re just not sure about surrendering everything to Christ. . .
  • If you want to meet others who are in the fight. . .
    . . . you should come.

In summary, if you’re an 18-35 year old guy and you call yourself a Christian, you should just come.


Tom Harmon: The Veteran

Tom Harmon has seen a lot of battles and been in a bunch of them too. As a state trooper for 11 years, he knows what a fight looks like, and as a pastor and preacher for over 25 years, he’s seen a few spiritual clashes too! He knows the Mission, and he’s passionate about it. He’ll give us a glimpse of the overall war, and help define some strategies for taking part in it!

Caleb Mellas: The Strategist

Battles are won through many components and a key one is strategy. Our enemy has some well-honed, age-proven battle tactics, but they’re not bullet-proof and can be foiled and defeated! But in order to win, we need to know what these tactics are, who we are, who God is, and how He has equipped for the battle. Caleb has spent time learning and analyzing some of our enemy’s biggest weapons and seeking God on ways to overcome them! He’ll share honestly from his own life ways that he’s seen God overcome the enemy.

Travel Details

Flights can be booked to fly into:
• O’Hare International Airport
• Midway International Airport
(Please book your flight arrival based on the pick-up and drop-off times listed below.)

Arrival Day: Thursday, August 3
If driving: please arrive any time before 4:30pm. Dinner will be served at 6:00pm.
Address: Journey Conference Center
943 North Adams Road
Hinsdale, IL 60521
If flying: please book your flight to arrive no later than 4:00pm.
Pick-up times at 1:00pm, and 4:00pm.

Departure Day: Sunday, August 6
If driving: participants are free to leave any time after 10:00am.
If flying: please try to book your departure flight for any time after 12:00pm.

Meals and Housing
All meals are provided, as well as housing on-site.

Also Provided
• Snacks
• Washer, dryer, and detergent
• Iron and ironing board
• Towels and washcloths
• Pillow and Bedding

Packing Suggestions for Guys
• Please bring neat, casual clothing for your time at the conference. Jeans are acceptable.
• Bring comfortable shoes and athletic apparel for sports and other outdoor activities.
• Cash (in case you want to purchase anything at the Journey Book Tables or Gift Shop)
• Bible
• Journal/notebook and pen
• Water Bottle
• Camera