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by | Jan 31, 2021

Praise the Lord for all that He has revealed to us from this powerful passage of Scripture! We have learned of the wonderful reality expressed in Colossians 1 of us as believers being in Christ and Christ in us. We have seen that God has a will and desire that He wants to accomplish through His people. We have seen the power of God’s grace and how He strengthens us according to His glorious power to live and walk the way He has called us to live and walk and so much more! It has been a joy to meditate on this chapter of Scripture with you this month! Here are the steps to take to complete the challenge:

  • You will have until February 1st (tomorrow!), 11:59pm CST, to quote the entire chapter to an accountable adult (i.e. parent, friend, sibling, grandparent, co-worker, etc.)
  • Once you have quoted the chapter to them, they will email [email protected] telling us that you have successfully quoted Colossians 1 to them.
  • And in that email, be sure to have them include the current and primary email address for you to be contacted at [if the Challenge Completer does not have an email address of their own, it is fine for a friend or family member’s email address to be provided – as long as the Challenge Completer will be able to have access to it.]
  • Because this Challenge we wanted to focus on not just memorizing the chapter of Scripture but really meditating on it we would like each Challenge Completer to email us telling us something that God showed them as they meditated on the assigned chapter.
  • Upon completion of the Challenge, it will be our privilege to send you [the Challenge Completer!] a small token of congratulations! (This digital prize will be emailed to the email address that is provided to us)

The life changing truth contained in this chapter that is being internalized into your heart as you memorize and meditate on this chapter is truly the greatest prize of all. Thank you for participating in the Journey Challenge this past month.  The Journey Challenge may be over but it is our hope that you will continue to meditate on God’s Word not just for the month of January but for the rest of your lives!

Blessings In Christ,

The Journey to the Heart Office

P.S. Any questions regarding the Challenge can be directed to us at: [email protected]

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  1. Terese Bellamy

    Will there be memory verse challenge for January ?


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