Conclusion, and Congratulations!

by | Jan 31, 2013

Well, it’s incredible how fast the month has flown by! Today is the last day of January, and hence the last day of our challenge!


Re-capping the Rules of the Investing Challenge

reciteAs usual, anyone who quotes all the verses listed over the course of this challenge to their parents, and has their parents (or a responsible party) contact us, will receive a prize!

Please include the name of each young person who completed the challenge, and their mailing address so their prizes can be shipped to them.

Parents have till February 2nd to email us.
Again, due to the fact that our office phone may not be manned, emailing us is the best way to contact us.

Please note: Your prize may not be sent out till later in February, but you should receive it by the end of that month.

Here is the list of memorization verses:

I. Why We Should Invest
Timothy 6:18-19
Proverbs 11:25
Hosea 10:12a
Matthew 6:19-20
Acts 20:35
II Corinthians 9:6-7
Matthew 13:44

II. What We Can Invest
Prayer and Scripture:
Psalm 95:6,
Psalm 5:3
Psalm 4:4
I Timothy 2:1-2
Hebrews 13:16
Titus 3:14
Titus 3:8a
Psalm 37:3
Psalm 145:6b
Psalm 22:22
Psalm 19:14

Matthew 6:3-4
Matthew 19:21

III. How We Can Invest
Romans 12:13
James 1:27

In Closing

Even though it’s the end of the Challenge, we know that God continues to move when people obey His principles. So, we’d love your participation.  When it comes to “How We Can Invest” it would be exciting to get some of your practical ideas, or even your questions, or stories about how God either provided for you, or through you, as a result of investment in His Kingdom.

Email us with your thoughts, questions, or stories.

lone travelerWe pray that during this challenge you have gained new insights, and an appreciation for people who can write convincingly. But even more importantly, we pray that you have been shaken to the core of a once comfortable life, and that you will choose to pick up the radical, faith demanding, stepping-into-the-unknown type of giving that God loves.

Our hope is that your lives will become the mirror that reflects the open, gracious, giving heart of our Father God; and the world will be drawn to the radical love portrayed through your attentiveness to His call.
We are exited for you all, as this new year opens up countless opportunities for you to not only learn, but put these insights into action!

God Bless!



  1. Rachel Irene

    If I have all the verses memorized today, but am not able to quote them to my parents until tomorrow, is that allowed?

  2. Laura Oliverio

    That would be fine Rachel. Let us know at [email protected] if you were able to finish it, and we’ll send your gift out! 🙂
    ~Laura Oliverio


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