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by | Jan 28, 2013

This post is from Section III of our Investing Challenge.

On a regular basis clients ask me the question, “What are currently some good investments?”

Or, “With inflation rising and the devaluation of the dollar, where should I put my money?” I work in the real estate industry Real Estateand witness probably the largest financial transactions that occur in individuals’ lifetimes. In the process of buying and selling real estate for many investors, I have noticed many spiritual applications and aspects which apply to the principles of investing. I will briefly look at one point and how it applies to our lives.
When investing, it is important to focus in the areas which will yield the highest returns. My clients are not seeking just any investment properties, but really good investment properties. I can access some great deals on dilapidated gas stations out in the middle of nowhere or homes three hours away from the nearest town, but these aren’t good investments and will not yield income to the investor. Sure, there is some value in the land, but not an amount or potential which will ever bring a fruitful increase. Investors want to know what the return of their investment will be, or the amount they will receive back in proportion to what they have had to initially invest. Studying the MarketBy carefully studying the specific market where the property is located and the demand for the property in that area, I am able to get an idea of the return my clients can expect to receive.
In the spiritual sense if we are looking for strong investments we must consider what “markets” will ultimately yield the highest eternal returns after our lives are over. James 4 states that our lives are like vapors that will quickly vanish. Like the money of a real estate investor, we must decide where we will place our limited resources (time, money, words, friendships, etc).  Everywhere we look there are things, people, and attractions seeking to claim these resources we posses. We know from the Bible that only the souls of men and the Word of God will last for eternity. It is critical to focus our efforts towards furthering Christ’s Kingdom instead of building up temporal rewards which will soon pass away. Gas stationJust as the old gas station has little value to an investor, so earthly riches and fame, though they bring pleasure for a season, ultimately bring emptiness and wasted potential.  Probably the greatest investment one can make is the work of leading others to Christ and then training them as disciples. These new disciples have the power to do the same with others, quickly multiplying the investment and yielding great rewards for the Lord.
I can think of many more applications from my work, but will have to leave them for another time.
May God bless you all with energy and strength as you pursue Christ’s Kingdom!

~ Timothy J.

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  1. Matthew H

    Thanks, I appreciate your analogy to real estate. We are always spending our time, but spending time on something that isn’t worthwhile – like a gas station far from traffic – will not reap a great return! Your post challenged me to be more purposeful about my time investments.


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