Day 23 ~ Then Love Stepped In

by | Jan 23, 2014

Sorry we missed yesterday! But here is the next installment from one of you!

“Wherefore remember, that ye being in time past Gentiles in the flesh who are called Uncircumcision by that which is called the Circumcision in the flesh made by hands.” – Ephesians 2:11

Have you ever wondered what was wrong with the children of Israel? I mean, God freed them after hundreds of years of bondage; He parted the Red Sea; He does all this and a few days later, they want to go back to Egypt! Unbelievable! But wait… how often do I do the same exact thing?

I think, a lot of times, I tend to underestimate how powerful God’s love is because I forget what He has already done for me. Because I have already made it through the past, it doesn’t seem like a very big deal; but this, this thing that is happening right now… this is big… really big.Remember I forget what He’s brought me through, and therefore, forget how powerful His love really is. That’s why I love how this verse starts with “remember”.

Step out of the emotions of the moment and remember what God has already done. But first, remember who you were before God stepped in.
I was nothing. Nothing! I had no righteousness to speak of. Those other people… the “circumcised” people… they have good works and stuff like that to point to as their righteousness. I’ve got nothing! I can’t even pretend to be righteous! Everyone knows I’m nothing but a “Gentile”… and no one wants me. Those “circumcised” people have a covenant with the Living God… all I have is hopelessness.

I’m nothing… I’m worthless. Not only am I nothing, I’m also a slave, a slave with a very cruel master. My master throws me onto the auction block and the bidding begins. The bids are low… not a surprise. Sin offers temporal pleasure. Fear offers anxiety and torment. Death offers a way out of it all.

The auctioneer yells, “Going once, going twice…”
“Stop!” is heard from the back of the crowd. Everyone turns… and Love steps in.
“Have You a bid for this worthless slave?” the auctioneer questions. Love nods His head.
“Well? What will you give for her?”
My life.”

Then Love Stepped In God stepped in and my life changed forever. Not because of anything I did (I was hopeless, helpless and worthless), but only because of His awesome love for me, He stepped in and bought me with the greatest Price ever paid.

Yet, still, there are so many times I catch myself trying really, really hard to prove to God that I am still worth loving. (I’m not consciously thinking this, but it’s in essence what I’m doing.) I mean, back then I had nothing to offer (and He loved me). But now, even though I still have nothing to offer, I feel like I should be offering something. He gave everything! Shouldn’t I be giving something back?

It’s at times like these, God reminds me that He loved me then, He loves me now, and He always will love me. He never changes. He also reminds me that I can’t do anything for Him. If I cease to worship God, He doesn’t fall out of heaven. If I’m not doing “impossible” things to advance His kingdom, Miracles HappenHe doesn’t suddenly panic. I can’t do anything for Him. He doesn’t need me; yet, I desperately need Him! (Acts 17:25) He doesn’t love me because of anything I ever did, or ever can do. Apart from Him, I am still nothing. He loves me because of Him, not because of me. My worth is not defined by what I do; my worth is defined by what He paid. It’s only because of His love that I have worth; it’s only because of His love that I am made righteous; and it is only because of His love that I am set free… because miracles happen when God steps in.

 ~ Amy


  1. Anna Joy

    “My worth is not defined by what I do; my worth is defined by what He paid.”
    So powerful!! Thank you for sharing, Amy!

  2. Matthew

    Neat, I especially liked the auction block analogy!

  3. Stephen L.

    Really good! It really encouraged me. Journey on!

  4. Esther Staddon

    That is love like no other. It is so much more freeing to do things out of gratefulness His love instead of doing things to earn His love!


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