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by | Feb 10, 2014



You all probably thought we had dropped off the face of the planet, and that we were NEVER going to finish this thing up! But never fear, though we are irresponsibly late with this final part, we have NOT forgotten those of you who have finished this work of engrafting God’s Word, and we are so very happy to announce our list of those who have COMPLETED THE CHALLENGE!!!!

Thank you so much to all who participated; those who completed the chapter, but also those who followed the posts, partially memorized our passage, or encouraged a friend, sibling, or child to memorize it. We are blessed that you would join us in taking time for God’s Word. Our hope and prayer is that through the posts, and more than anything, through the verses themselves, you will walk away knowing that our God is so good, and that He is able to touch us in deep and personal ways through His Word, and His promises.

Well, here it is! Our list of “Champions”.

We will be sending out the prizes this week, Lord willing, so you can be expecting them within the next week or two!
(If you are not on this list and should be, please email me at J[email protected] and we will add you to the list asap!)

Anna Benson
Sarah Benson
Hannah Cassidy
Lovie Churchill
Austin Cleator
Crystal Dudley
Rachel Dudley
Amanda  Dudley
Sarah Espineda
Hannah Espineda
Dinah Espineda
Anna Ferraro
Bethany Ferraro
Nathan Finet
Jayla Gillaspie
Daniel Hancock
Dawn  Hancock
Lisa Hansen
Joanna Johnson
Timothy Johnson
Laura Johnson
Bethany Johnson
Mark Johnson
Elisa Joulfaian
Anna Joulfaian
Lauri Koenig
Nawon Kwon
Peace Lu
Caleb Mellas
Katie Mellas
Nathan Mellas
Nicole Mellas
Julianne Mellas
Allison Mellas
Victoria Morrison
Loice Morrison
Mary Morrison
Charity Morrison
Sophia Railing
Zoe Railing
Christen Richardson
Amy Rose Schwartz
Rachel Schwartz
Stephen L. Schwartz
Emma Smith
Jonathan Staddon
Daniel Staddon
Esther Staddon
Hannah Stelzl
Melodie Sun
Katie Venegas
Noel Venegas
Erika Wenzel
Carmen Wilson
Eunice Wong



  1. Lovie

    Congratulations, everyone!

    That was fun. =) Thanks for putting it together for us! These verses have become a real blessing to me.

  2. Hannah

    Yay! Lots of names and it looks like LOTS of family team-work/moral support! A shout out to the Journey Office and a big THANK YOU for hosting this again this year. It’s been great!

  3. David Waller

    Way to go champs! You you completed engrafting something that will last for eternity–God’s Word!


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