Day 22 ~ God Is Big Enough!

by | Jan 22, 2015

god-is-big-enough“It is he who sits above the circle of the earth, and its inhabitants are like grasshoppers;” Isaiah 40:22a

This verse tells me something so simple and yet so profound about God. God is BIG! Now, I’m sure you all knew that, but just think again with me what it means for your life today, because God calls us over and over to remember, to think about His word, to meditate on it.

So, yes, God is big! Even the first phrase of the verse contains a gem. Long before scientists discovered that the earth was round, God told it to a common person. Yes, God was big enough and smart enough to speak through an ordinary person. And He is still the same powerful God today, so why would you think that you are not special enough or smart enough for God to use you?

This is something that hits home for me, because I have always felt like Icomparing-yourself-to-others don’t measure up. So when new opportunities arise, challenging situations confront me, or others’ expectations of me are high, I feel weak and unable to do it. The problem is, I tend to compare myself to others and ​either end up feeling jealous or discouraged at things they do better than me, or proud when I can do something better than others. Either way, I am focused on myself in pride, which means God is resisting me (Jas 4:6). I’m refusing to accept the gift of His empowering grace. Is that result something I honestly like?

Feeling weak isn’t a bad thing, as long as you look up! More and more, God is teaching me that feeling weak is a good thing because it shows me my need for Jesus. In fact, God loves weak people! I think it’s partly because He gets to show how big He really is when He uses weak people! That’s the reason the account of David and Goliath is so fascinating (I Sam 17). There was no way David could have killed Goliath, and yet that’s exactly what happened. God won an amazing victory through a young boy.

grasshopperYes, you may feel like a grasshopper trying to fight off an army of Goliaths, but God is at your side (Ps 118:6-9; Isa 41:10), and He’s much bigger than a grasshopper! No Goliath is a match for God working in a grasshopper! So look up! It’s only in Christ that you will find the victory. And not only is it the ONLY place that you will find it, but in Christ you WILL find the victory! (2 Cor 2:14; Rom 8)

~Katie Mellas

Grasshopper photo © Roman Milert | Dreamstime Stock Photos


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  1. Janet Kiessling

    thank you for the reminder to ‘look up’! 🙂
    I need this today!
    Thank you
    Have a Blessed day,, the Kiessling family


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