And Our Passage Is …

by | Feb 1, 2017

And our passage for this year’s 9th annual Journey Challenge is … *da-da-daaa* 

We are so excited for this year’s passage on multiple levels! xD Do allow us to tell you some of them …

1. It is the Living Word of God!!
(This, by itself, is more than reason enough to be excited!)
2. We’re pret-ty sure that, if you’ve not already memorized the whole chapter before now, you’re at least quite familiar with it (and if this is an entirely new chapter to you, then we are honored to be the ones to introduce you!). Point #2 leading nicely into …
3. Our prayer and earnest desire for you, in taking the Challenge, is not that it would be about adding something to your “spiritual accomplishments” list; but rather, that a love for meditating on the Living Word of God would be grown within you. Since many of you can probably already quote the entire chapter :), use the time to feast on the Word – really dig into it!

If you’re new to the Challenge, Welcome! If you’ve joined us before, Welcome Back! As a way to encourage us all during this time (and so you know that you’re not in this solo!), we’ll have some encouraging/challenging thoughts to share with you throughout the time of the Challenge, written by some of the awesome members of our Journey leadership team. ?? You can check back here for the first Romans 12 post  later this morning (2/1!), @7:00am CST.

Well, Soldier … are you ready?
Because the Challenge is ON!

In this with you,
The Journey Team

P.S. Yes, we do realize that Romans 12 has only 21 verses and there are 28 days in February. Again, our desire is that, given this “extra” time, you will enjoy delving deeply into this rich passage and be much in prayer and fellowship with the Lord. Journey On!


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