Another Year!!!!!

by | Jan 1, 2013

Welcome to the 2013 Living the Journey Challenge:

Investing in the Kingdom!


Wow! Another year gone, and a new one here! Time seems to go by faster and faster! Well it’s time to get started on our yearly tradition, so let’s jump in.


As you read before, this Challenge is going to be a little bit different than usual, but our prayer is that this time draws you into an even more strengthened stand on God’s Word, and how it effects our lives when we put it in our hearts, and choose to build our life and beliefs around it.

The structure of the challenge will be similar but not identical to past years.
We have three things we’d like to cover under our topic.

Here is the breakdown:
I. Why We Should Invest
II. What We Can Invest
III. How We Can Invest.

 BibleFor each section there will be a list of verses to be memorized, and then the posts will either be based on those verses, or on the concept itself.  So unlike previous years, there may not be a post for each verse that we’re en-grafting.  But we’re still expecting you to keep up with the verses that are listed. 🙂

By section number III we’d love your participation.  When it comes to “How We Can Invest” it would be exciting to get some of your practical ideas, or even your questions, or stories about how God either provided for you, or through you, as a result of investment in His Kingdom.
So start thinking of that now, and email us at [email protected] with your thoughts, questions, or stories.

PrizeLooking ahead. As usual, anyone who quotes all the verses listed over the course of this challenge to their parents, and has their parents, (or a responsible party), contact us, will receive a prize!   Parents have till February 2nd to email us at [email protected].
(Due to the fact that our office phone may not be manned, email would be the best way to let us know that the challenge has been completed.)

When it comes to this area of investing we hope you’ll be able to see that we’re not talking about the nice, casual, easy, or even traditional kind of investing. We’re talking about the drastic, life altering, ridicule incurring, temporal rejecting, faith demanding kind.
The kind that tells the world we are convinced that there is a God, and we are serious about following Him.
That may sound pretty miserable to some; but with surrender, prayer, and a little perspective this concept can be one of the most freeing and exciting ways of life you’ll ever know.

So we pray that this will be a time where you look at the life God has given you, and see how much of it you’ve decided to give to Him.

 Day 1-10 Section I. Why We Should Invest
10 Verses:

  • I Timothy 6:18-19
  • Proverbs 11:25
  • Hosea 10:12a
  • II Corinthians 9:6-7
  • Matthew 6:19-20
  • Matthew 13:44
  • Acts 20:35

God’s blessing on you as you start your year “investing” your time in memorizing and pondering His Word!


  1. Rachel C

    This looks wonderful! 🙂 This is my first year particapating in the challenge, and am looking forward to it!

    • Laura Oliverio

      Well Rachel, we’re so glad you’ve decided to take the plunge, and we hope this will be a fun, and thought provoking way to get into Scripture. God bless you for taking time to do this!!

  2. Nawon K

    Thanks Laura for organizing this for us! It is a great motivation for us to start the new year by seeking His kingdom!
    May God Bless you and those who are doing this challenge through these Scriptures!


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