A New Desire…

by | May 20, 2013

JasonThe main thing that I worked through this week was pride. I really struggled with pride and wearing a mask. I also struggled with not having a desire to read the Bible or spend time with God. Before I came on the Journey, I really wanted to get rid of pride and to stop wearing a mask. But I didn’t want God to humble me because I was afraid He would humble me in front of other people; but I tried to spend time with the Lord anyways.

This week I was really convicted in these areas, so I prayed and asked God for a humble heart and to be real; but I still didn’t feel total victory.  Thursday evening we all went up into the prayer tower and I asked for prayer in these areas. It was awesome to see the power of prayer. Since then I have felt a freedom to be myself and not to worry about what other people think. By working through these things and spending time studying God’s word, I have found a new desire to read the Bible and spend time with the Lord.



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