June 2013 Girls Journey

by | Jun 13, 2013

2013 June Girls Journey

God is doing great things this week here in the Northwoods on the young ladies Journey to the Heart! Several have received Christ as their personal Savior and many more are experiencing the freedom and joy that comes from forgiveness, openness, and full surrender. Please keep them in your prayers!


  1. James

    Praise the Lord for a good sized group!

  2. Michael Ji

    Praise the Lord who has revealed Himself and His heart to these girls. God blesses my daughter and gives her the chance to attend this special journey trip. My family is truly blessed. This is the best gift to me on father’s day.

    May they know HIM more and live out HIS truth and be faithful witnesses for GOD. Clothe ourselves with Christ and dwell in His Spirit.

  3. Val

    My oldest daughter was able to attend to this Journey thanks to an annonymous donor. This precious daughter has lived a life of holding in so many hurts and disappointments, and often I wondered if she would ever truly be okay. I gave her to God when she was a child. I had done ALL that I could do, and she was more than I could handle. I claimed her for Jesus, even if it took the rest of her life, I trusted that God would make a way to heal this hurting child. From living through the homicide of her dad and never grieving to adjusting to a new dad figure and family, she just kept collecting bitterness inside her. While she still had a heart full of generosity and love for others, we rarely saw it at home. All this to say that, from a simple phone call, I can tell that my daughter has been healed! I could literally hear the healing in her heart over the telephone! THIS is the girl I knew she always was…FREE of all of the pain, anger, resentment, and fear. Journey of the Heart brought this child to God in a way that I don’t think she would have ever found Him. I am so excited for her future now! I am so thankful to the generous giver who provided her way, too. We gave this to God to provide, and He did! (Now to pray the other daughters will get a chance haha) Thank you, Journey Staff. Words cannot describe what you have done for this child. You have brought her up to meet and have a real relationship with Christ, away from all worldly influence. She doesn’t want to come home, and I don’t blame her one bit!

  4. Val

    I just wanted to update my comment. It has been a year and 8 months since my daughter attended Journey. Once she got home, her face was literally glowing. Jesus looks good in her : ) She gave her heart completely to Him, and she has been growing in Him ever since. We still had some kinks to work out in one area, so don’t think they are going to come back from Journey perfect. None of us are, right? But, she had the tools to overcome it all. Journey helped her there. She was blessed enough to be able to have weekly Bible study with some Journey allumni, and I know that this has been God’s plan to help her along the way. Our whole family has so enjoyed seeing this precious child grow and mature in the Lord. We cannot wait to see where else He will take her. If you’re wondering if Journey is worth the cost, we can say that, without a doubt, it is. And, yes, we’re still hoping to send the other girls some day ; ) Thank you, IBLP!


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