“Hi! I Just Got Out of Prison…”

by | Nov 15, 2013

Announcing a special Embassy Live! Webcast!!

“So, how have you been?” “Oh good! I just got out of prison!” …. Yeah, not exactly what you’d expect to hear from a bunch of Christian young people; but, if you’d asked a lot of us what we’d been up to a couple weeks ago, that’s what you would have heard!

Some of you have heard the story, and to some of you it’s new, but the work that God has been doing the last year in the prisons in Florida is incredible! There have been at least 900 to 1,000 inmates who have gone through the BASIC Seminar, or Anger Resolution Seminar, and there have been close to 250 inmates who have been through the Journey to the Heart program, some of them have been through three times!

God is doing amazing things, that I never even pictured being involved in, but I’m so glad I’ve had this opportunity.

There are so many stories, and we want you to hear them, so, on Tuesday night, November 19th,  at 7:00pm Central time, we’re having a live webcast with a group of those who saw God work first hand in the lives of so many in bondage.

To view the webcast go to www.Embassyinstitute.org/live

We’d love to have you join us!

P.S. This webcast is open to anyone, not just our EMBASSY Institute subscribers, so if there are people you know who would want to hear what God’s been doing, let them know about it too!



  1. James

    Looking forward to it!

  2. Sarah Hope

    Wow! I am so looking forward to hearing what God did there from the actual team that went! My prayers were with you all!!!

  3. Lauri Koenig

    Wish I was there to view it directly again! 🙂 Looking forward to a great time!

  4. Tina carson

    This is like watching the Children of Israel crossing the Red Sea!!


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