Uh Oh! We’re Going to Run Out of Verses!

by | Jan 17, 2014

2014 January CalendarAccording to my calendar, which just may be the same as yours, January has 31 days in it.

But, if your Bible is the same as mine, then our chapter only has 22 verses!!  So of course, we have to find something to do for the extra days.  (We could have ended the Challenge early, but we were trying to be nice and give everyone a little extra time to perfect their memorization.)

So, this is what we would like to do.  Once we run out of posts from our leaders, telling us about the verses that impacted them, we would love to have YOU write up some thoughts on how the verses have blessed you! It can be something that challenged you in the past, or something from this month as you’ve been memorizing.
What you write doesn’t need to be either long or short, It could be two sentences, or two pages! Whatever you write, Lord willing, we’ll be able to post so that many can be blessed by how God’s Word has been working.

If you would like to do that (and don’t think “Well other people will, so I don’t need to.” We want YOU to do it!) then write it up, and email it to us at [email protected] anytime between now (sooner the better I say), and January 27th. But don’t wait till the last minute, or we won’t have anything for the earlier empty days.

A huge key in memorizing Scripture, is taking the time to stop and think “Lord, how does this affect my life? What does this mean to me, and what are you telling me or teaching me through this?” Writing things out is a really great way to force yourself to think those things through.

Empty Mailbox So again, we’d love your thoughts or stories on this chapter, so we’ll be expecting all kinds of emails at [email protected], and I will be very dejected if I sit at my desk day after day and stare at an empty inbox!

God bless you as you write!

~Laura O. For the Journey Team



  1. Hannah

    Oh Laura…that last sentence was so “you”…I could hear your voice in my head. Sounds like fun I say!

  2. Victoria M

    I agree with Hannah!

  3. Lovie

    So do I! =) Looks like we’re of one accord here. 😉


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