Praise the Lord for all that he has been revealing to us from this wonderful, rich chapter of Scripture! As we have meditated on the truths contained in this chapter we have begun to see that God has done so much for us as believers! He has spoken well of us in the heavenlies, He has chosen us in Him before the foundation of the world to make us holy and without blame before Him, He has placed us as His children, He has made us accepted in the beloved, He has given us redemption through His blood, He has forgiven our sins, He has given us wisdom and prudence, He has made known unto us the mystery of His will, He is summing up all things IN Christ, He has given us an inheritance, and He has sealed us with the Holy Spirit of promise! We have also begun to see that He has done all these thing not just to make us good Christians but rather to make us vessels fit for His use through which HE can accomplish HIS eternal purpose through us HIS body.

We are so thankful for the opportunity we have had to memorize this chapter and meditate on it. Here are the steps to take to complete the challenge:

  • You will have until February 1st (tomorrow!), 11:59pm CST, to quote the entire chapter to an accountable adult (i.e. parent, friend, sibling, grandparent, co-worker, etc.)
  • Once you have quoted the chapter to them, they will email [email protected] telling us that you have successfully quoted Ephesians 1 to them.
  • And in that email, be sure to have them include the current and primary email address for you to be contacted at [if the Challenge Completer does not have an email address of their own, it is fine for a friend or family member’s email address to be provided – as long as the Challenge Completer will be able to have access to it.]
  • Because this Challenge we wanted to focus on not just memorizing the chapter of Scripture but really meditating on it we would like each Challenge Completer to email us telling us something that God showed them as they meditated on the assigned chapter.
  • Upon completion of the Challenge, it will be our privilege to send you [the Challenge Completer!] a small of our congratulations!

The eternal riches of Christ contained in this chapter that are being internalized into your heart as you memorize and meditate on this chapter are truly the greatest prize of all. Thank you for joining us this past month! May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to increase in our lives and hearts as we continue in His Word!

Rejoicing in the fulness of Him that filleth all in all,

The Journey to the Heart Office

P.S. Any questions regarding the Challenge can be directed us at: [email protected]