Made For Harmony

by | Jan 20, 2021

“And, having made peace through the blood of His cross, by him to reconcile all things unto himself; by him, I say, whether they be things in earth, or things in heaven. “

Colossians 1:20

Most of us who follow Jesus know what we have been saved from. We’ve been saved from sin. Thank God for that! But few of us stop to think about what we were saved into. If I am caught by a tidal wave and swept into a raging sea, and a boat comes to rescue me, I am saved from the sea and into the boat. I cannot be saved from something without being saved into something else. You and I were saved into something – into oneness with God!

The reason this is so significant is because it defines our life purpose and dictates our every action! You and I are crucified with Christ. We are saved from sin. Why? In order that we might participate in the Resurrection life of Jesus and be one with God. Imagine that! The blood of Jesus is our means of being in harmony with our Creator, the Love of Our Souls, and the Mighty God.

The Word used here in Colossians for reconciliation is harmony. Harmony with God. Imagine it! Our own hearts, the hearts of those around us, the universe, and all the forces and powers we cannot understand, have been purchased back by the blood of Christ. Every person and every power was intended for God. Every person and authority and power was designed to express Christ and His love and power. But we all fell out of harmony with God when sin entered. Now we’ve been brought back. He has bought back that which was His all along. Now we can live in the light of oneness with God in every area and at all times. In our decisions we can now seek to know His mind in order to be in harmony with Him. We can now rely on His Spirit and not our own mind and walk in peace with Him. Being reconciled to God is like returning home after a long day of work. You sink into your chair, and find yourself at rest – right where you belong

Something in us changes when we realize that the Cross is God’s means of bringing us back into what He intended all along – oneness with Himself. Our hearts find their rest in satisfaction as we realize that the Christian life is nothing more than living in what we were intended for all along. Through the blood of Christ we are finally home where we belong.

As we take this wonderful news and roll it around in our minds, picturing what it means to be reconciled with God, we find a whole new life unfolding. We can picture our attitudes, thoughts, and words being in step with God’s thoughts, attitudes, and Words and flowing from His Spirit. We can realize that the spiritual forces that are against us have been purchased by Christ and He can bring them back into agreement with Himself. As we meditate on the fact that God has purchased everyone and everything, our meditation begins to dictate how we see life and the world. When we see an evil person, we can imagine what God intended for them to be in oneness with Himself and pray accordingly. When we do spiritual battle in prayer, we can claim God’s authority over evil and rejoice in His authority over the authorities. As we look see a world that seems to be spinning out of control, our hearts that are saved into harmony with God can rejoice because we are agreeing with His perspective and seeing that He is in authority over everything and that one day the whole earth will be filled with His glory as He intended all along.

Thank You Lord that we can be in harmony with you because of the blood of Your Son. Lord, may You hasten the day when the reconciliation You have purchased is made fully known and the whole earth is filled with Your glory – just as You intended all along.

-Bethany F



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