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by | Jul 23, 2015

We’ve decided to try another new thing this year!!

We just can’t let things go without changing something here or there. 🙂

Kayaking at SunsetWe are planning to hold a Men’s/Father’s Journey from August 8-16, but that’s not what’s new. We’ve decided to open those dates up for young men as well. 

We’ll be running these events as two separate Journeys that are happening at the same time, so men will be on teams with other men, and the young men will be on teams with other young men.

Here are some of the pros:

  • Come together!
    Though the men and young men will be separate, fathers and sons can come at the same time and go through a similar experience together! (Not to mention that there are discounts for multiple family members who attend.)
  • It’s in the Northwoods.Misty Doc
    Young men who were hoping to experience a Journey in Northwoods, but couldn’t make it to the June Journey, can attend this one.
  • Save on time.
    It’s slightly shorter, so for those who are working or have school, it will only be one work week that you’d need to take off, compared to seven work days on a typical ten-day Journey.

Our desire is to provide an opportunity for men of God to have time to draw closer to the Lord in the midst of their busy lives. The need for Godly men in our country and world is becoming more and more evident, and we want to do all we can to help facilitate a closer walk Isaiah 40with Jesus. 

If the Journey is something God desires to use in your life to draw you closer to Him, then praise the Lord! If not, then we trust that God will show you other powerful ways to spend time focusing on Him and seeking His face.


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