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by | Nov 25, 2015


With our country’s national day of Thanksgiving happening this Thursday and the season of Christmas already upon us, there are many feelings of gratefulness and joyous expectation swirling through the air (along with sparkly snowflakes, for some of us)!

sunrisePumpkin pie, leaf pile jumping, cranberry sauce, Thanksgiving Day walks, scarves, sweaters and boots, Christmas caroling, bonfires, turkey, roasted chestnuts, snowball fights, family gathered together offering prayers of gratefulness to our Maker … 

Now, we’re certain that your list of Happy Things could extend well beyond what is written above … So, as you compose your mental catalog of festive felicities, DON’T FORGET TO ADD THE JOURNEY DATES FOR 2016!!
[This is very high on our Happy List, in case you couldn’t tell!]

And here they are, ladies and gentlemen!

Spring Journeys:

  • March 12th – 20th Father’s Journey
  • March 12th – 20th Guys Journey
  • March 12th – 20th Girls Journey
    (These Journeys will be held at Eagle Springs Training Center in OK, and Eagle Mountain Training Center in AR. Locations for each will be set by the time registration opens in January.)

Summer Journeys:

  • June 18th – 26th Guys Journey – Northwoods, MI
  • June 18th – 26th Father’s Journey – Northwoods, MI
  • July 16th – 24th Girls Journey – Northwoods, MI
  • August 20th – 28th Guys Journey – Northwoods, MI

Fall Journeys:

  • September 24th – October 2nd Girls Journey – Northwoods, MI
  • September 24th – October 2nd Women’s Journey –  Northwoods, MI
  • October 29th – November 6th Guys Journey – Eagle Mountain, AR
  • October 29th – November 6th Girls Journey – Eagle Springs, OK

Lord willing, registrations for the Journeys listed above will be open January 1st!

We are grateful for all our Lord has done in 2015 and we eagerly look ahead to how He will display His love and greatness in 2016!


~The Journey Team

{P.S. Our annual Memorization Challenge is coming-up January 1st, 2016! So, stay tuned for this coming year’s Scripture passage that we’ll be memorizing – we are super excited!!}


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